Dark matter tungsten tubing

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Korda Dark matter tungsten tubing 2m.


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– The heaviest tungsten tubing available
– Easy to thread and supple
– Available in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Silt
– Supplied in 2m lengths

Dark Matter anti-tangle tubing is quite simply the new benchmark for rig tubing. It’s the heaviest on the market, and is ridiculously easy to thread. These attributes have seen it become the tubing of choice for fussy anglers like Darrell Peck and Tom Dove.
Dark Matter tubing is super limp too, which helps it to follow the contours of the lake bed, keeping your setup well hidden. We make it in three colours, Weed Green, Silt and Gravel, which allows you to closely match the tubing to the lake bed that you’re fishing over.

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